Reimbursement system

Compulsory stockholders are reimbursed for storing essential goods and any related efforts. Réservesuisse regularly publishes the current reimbursement rates, to guarantee a level of overall transparency.


How is the system financed and on what legal basis?

Réservesuisse levies tariffs on the import of essential goods, so-called contributions to its guarantee fund. The fund is used to cover any running costs of the mandatory stockpiling process following art. 16, NESA.

Who is reimbursed?

Members of the cooperative réservesuisse, i.e. compulsory stockholders, who entered a legal obligation with the Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES). Compulsory stockholders can store their goods with a third party, provided that a private-law contract between the two parties exists.

How are the reimbursement rates calculated?

The rates reflect the current and customary market costs. Réservesuisse uses a dataset based on public and private data of market participants. Results, i.e. reimbursement rates, are calculated on an average basis.

What are the current reimbursement rates?