Legal bases

Following are the legal bases which are directly related to the tasks carried out by réservesuisse. The supervisory authority is the Federal Office for National Economic Provisions.

Legal bases

Federal Law on National Economic Supply
The Federal Act on National Economic Supply, also known as the National Supply Act, regulates the safeguarding of the national supply of essential goods and services in the event of severe shortages.

Ordinance on National Economic Supply
The Ordinance on National Economic Supply regulates the organisation of national economic supply with regard to the vital goods which the Federal Council makes subject to compulsory stockpiling.

Ordinance of 10 May 2017 on Compulsory Stockpiling of Food and Feedstuffs
The Ordinance on Compulsory Stockpiling of Food and Feedstuffs defines the goods necessary to ensure supply. It regulates the obligation to obtain an import permit for these goods. Up to a quantity of 20 kg, no general import permit is required.

Above a certain import quantity, the importer is obliged to conclude a compulsory stockholding contract. The ordinance defines both the limit quantities and the contractual obligation.

In addition, the Ordinance stipulates that the task of controlling the compulsory stocks is delegated to the compulsory stockholding organisations. Details are regulated in separate control instructions.

Ordinance of the WBF of 20 May 2019 on Compulsory Stockpiling of Food and Feedstuffs
The Ordinance on Compulsory Stockpiling of Food and Feedstuffs determines the goods to be placed in compulsory stocks, the coverage of demand or the extent of compulsory stocks, the quality and the assessment bases according to which the scope of compulsory stocks of the individual compulsory stockholders is determined.


Federal Office for National Economic Supply
National economic supply ensures the availability of goods and services that are essential for the functioning of a modern economy and society.

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs
SECO is the Confederation’s centre of competence for all core issues of economic policy. Its goal is to ensure sustainable economic growth.

Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG)
The Federal Office for Agriculture is responsible for the agricultural sector. Agroscope, the Swiss centre of excellence for agricultural research, is affiliated with the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG).

Swiss Federal Customs Administration
The Federal Customs Administration ensures security at the border for the benefit of the population, economy and state.

Sources of data

Systematic Collection of Laws
The Systematic Collection of Federal Legislation is a collection of the decrees published in the Official Compilation and still in force, arranged by subject area.